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If you already have a project and know for sure what you need, visit the footer on my website where it says "Contact / License / Quote" and fill out the form. I'll get back to you as soon as possible!



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For booking and press inquiries, please contact Rafael Rico at +58 414 183 2386

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You will need a license if…

- You are being paid to make the video or project.

- You are making money from the video through advertising, affiliation or commission (such as monetising a video on YouTube).

- The work will be used for commercial purposes.

- The work promotes a profit organization.

- The work is advertising.

- The work will be broadcast (including television, radio, and cinema).

- The work is for resale, used for profit making.

- The project is requesting or soliciting donations. Such as fundraising videos, Kickstarter, or other crowd funding videos.

- Used in videos/ projects/ or content that is supported by financial contributions, including Patreon.