Rafa is one of the best composers I have worked with. He has everything a Director or anyone is looking for: he is talented; has great input, knows how to listen and has great personality.

Rafa’s work has a great range, perfect for each different project you are working on. You will definitely enjoy working with him and I guarantee you will love his work.
— Guillermo Casarín, Writer | Director
Rafael composed music for a feature documentary I was directing titled “Unbounded”. He was able to produce a score that completely exceeded my expectations. Rafael has an incredible ability to bring visuals to life through his music. Even with a vague direction, he is able to create a score that flows with scenes and completely enhances the final product. He is efficient, quick, knowledgeable and has a diverse set of skills that few other composers have.
— Garrett Martin, Director


I'm a music composer/sound designer currently working at my studio in Caracas, Venezuela. I love creating music and soundscapes for different kinds of projects, and recording my voice for some of them as well. 

Thanks for listening!

Rafael Rico, Film Composer on SoundBetter

Rafael is a very talented and creative composer/sound designer. We have a great working relationship. He really listens and embraces the project needs in a way that very much helps push the final product to a new level. He also works fast and gets feedback implemented seamlessly. I highly recommend Rafael for your scoring and sound design needs.
— Hans Goksoyr, 3D Motion Graphics Artist & Videographer
Rafael’s talent, ingenuity, and trustworthiness, are just some of the qualities that make him such an invaluable collaborator.
For the last couple of years, I have developed a solid professional relationship with Rafael and he’s now been my composer for several projects. Rafael is also a truly *amazing* sound designer. He’s extremely kind, fast and very thorough with his work. I highly recommend him!
— Fran Méndez, Filmmaker
Rafael is a highly professional artist with focus and attention to details. It was a pleasure working together and getting sound results.
— Igor Tolstocheev, Creative Director

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