About Rafael Rico

Singer/songwriter/producer born in a small town near Caracas, Venezuela. The folk artist has been playing guitar and writing music for almost fifteen years. After completing his Bachelor's Degree in Mass Media and working for a few years in Caracas, Rico moved to Canada in 2015, seeking to expand his knowledge in the music business. He went to Nimbus School for Recording & Media in the city of Vancouver, where he completed a Diploma in sound engineering, music production, and post audio.

Always striving to better himself as an artist, Rafael is currently working as a composer, sound designer, voice over talent and music producer for different brands such as Pepsi, Doritos, Natuchips, CAF and Gatorade amongst others; as well as for other artists and films, as he just finished writing the score for his first feature: "Unbounded: A Journey Into Patagonia".

Rafael has just released his new album: "The Hunt". Boston Rex and Max Martinez, both acclaimed artists and producers in the rock scene in Venezuela, produced the bilingual album. Sung in both Spanish and English, the lyrical theme of the alternative-country/folk album surrounds self-discovery and being true to one’s self. Rafael Rico, being the sole songwriter on the album, created a set of songs that evoke emotion and provide depth, while remaining catchy with upbeat melodies.

In 2011, Rafael released his debut single “Sunny Tuesday.” It peaked at number four on the Record Report (Venezuela’s Billboard charts) making him the first Venezuelan artist to reach that position singing in English. The pop single was featured on Rico’s five song EP, released in 2012, titled “Dhamma.”

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